We are really excited to say we did it!  We also raised a massive £5,500.00, there will be more updates to come, but in the meantime, check out some of the amazing images from Paul Macro thank you for your support, also to G&D Transport Services for supporting us with your amazing vehicle for 3 of the 4 days.



In September 2018, 12th – 15th, the directors, Emma and Duncan will be walking from the entire Norfolk Coast Path, Hunstanton to Hopton, approximately 84 miles over 4 days to raise awareness and funds for our life changing work!  We would like to thank Glen Manship of Red Hot Media for our wonderful walk logo.

We aim to raise £10,000.00 and would love your support in doing this, it is going to be quite a challenge and this really shows how committed we are and how much we believe in what we are doing.  We are very excited to say we have raised approximately £4,000.00 so far with a combination of corporate sponsorship, offline sponsors and donations via our Go Fund Me page.

So how can you help?  We are looking for sponsorship and donations, but also practical help and this could be for the walk itself or for the organisation moving forwards.

You can donate via our Go Fund Me page, or by making donations directly to us, get in touch to find out more about how you can do this.

We will be making regular updates to this page and to both our Facebook and Twitter accounts to keep you up to date with how we are doing with training and any additional support we may need in making our challenge and our goal of raising £10,000.00 a reality!

We have all been out training and we are now realising what a huge task this is, here are some pictures of our recent training walks.  Emma ended up with a huge blister from one of her walks, which set her back a few weeks, Duncan is getting out almost daily.

We have been continuing our training, Duncan has been going great guns and had even had his very own T-Shirt donated which is amazing…  Duncan has been regularly walking 9 miles plus and even kept this up on his holiday.

Emma recently walked from Reeham to Great Yarmouth around 12 miles, this was a real test as was really hot, and it has made us aware of just how much more training we need to do!  That actually the first day is twice this!  Crazy!

Donations are already starting to roll in, which is really motivating, so thank you so much, all of the money raised will go directly to supporting people with our life changing work.  We also have people interested in getting involved in joining us for the walk, which is fantastic, all support it really appreciated.

Emma, Duncan and Gayle have been out this weekend for a training walk, click here to read more about it in Emma’s blog!  Gayle is going to be our support for the walk, so doesn’t even need to train, but thank you so much for coming with us!

George who is also volunteering with us for the walk has been out training with Emma and alone, ready for the big challenge which is becoming all the more real as it comes closer…

Here are a few more training walk pictures, as you can see on one of our walks a butterfly took quite a liking to Duncan’s t-shirt!  Emma also dragged her good friend Hannah along for a 9 mile stroll whilst on a camping trip!

Julie Hunt and Eddie Teddie from Face to Face Finance joined Emma for a training walk recently as is not able to join us on the walk (but is sending her Dad known locally simply as ‘Julie’s Dad’ for the first day) and is one of our corporate sponsors, thank you!  We met the lovely Neil from Saxlingham Nethergate who looks after the church and the Boudicca Way walk which we were on.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and don’t forget to check back soon or get in touch for more information.