We love to share the difference we have made so far, working in partnerships with several local organisations to make a difference to as many people as we can.  The great thing is, the work we do doesn’t only make a difference to the individual we work with, but to their wider circle, their friends, family and others they engage with.  The information we share is done so with permission, but anonymously to protect those we work with, which is something we take very seriously.

What our clients say about us:

There are lots of updates on our social media, but here are some snippets!  We also have some clients stories for you to read here.

‘Emma is amazing! The most I have felt supported by a professional in a long time! She really listened and understood. Thank you so much! Hopefully see her

again in the future even if only to reflect on my progress since our sessions.’ – Young Person with anxiety – Norwich

‘More understanding of how to manage anger and think of ways to control my anger’ – Young Person with anger issues – Great Yarmouth

‘I am really glad I did this, because It has definitely changed my view on life and the situations I go through.’ – Young Person with anxiety – Norwich

‘I’m now more confident and I now see things in a different and more positive perspective’ – Young Person low confidence – Great Yarmouth

What our partner agencies say about us:

‘I work for a mental health trust and picked up a leaflet for Embrace. As I read the leaflet, I saw that they worked with vulnerable people who had been affected by mental health problems, homelessness, maybe with offending history etc. All of the patients I work with have this kind of history. I wanted to meet Emma, so arranged for a chat. When Emma told me her story, I was blown away with what she had overcome to be in this position to be able to help people. We also both shared a love of travel with unique experiences and not the usual run of the mill holidays. Emma gave me the opportunity to refer two patients who I thought would benefit. They fed back to me about how Emma had made them think differently about things, and how far they could go by being taught skills to challenge their own thoughts and sometimes the rigidity of them. I would truly recommend Emma as a coach and cannot thank her enough.’ – Local Mental Health Organisation

‘This young lady had found her self-worth, confidence and self-esteem. She was talking about her future

positively and making plans for exams, college and activities that she had previously chosen to participate in. The young lady turned up to the art activity and required no support she was so confident and participate straight away such a change, I still can’t believe the difference in the young lady through having Emma’s support.  It was an emotional event and brought tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat to see such a change in her.

The coaching and mentoring that Emma had supported her with had made such a difference to her whole life, seeing such a change in her was amazing and we all cannot thank Emma enough for her support. It’s a great achievement and such a positive outcome for the young person, she has now got a positive future. WELL DONE ………‘ Karen Youth Support Worker – Prospects 

‘I have looked into the students who engaged with your sessions and a vast majority have moved on to, or are moving on to, positive destinations; 3 university places and 2 full-time College places which is very positive indeed. With regards to the session for the students studying Level 2 courses, this was much better than students expected and it supported them in making decisions linked to their progression. It helped them to focus on the important decisions they need to make about their futures (they often find this very difficult, for all sorts of different reasons) and how to look after their health and wellbeing. It also helped them to learn how to deal with disappointment – again, a lot of L2 students find this difficult to deal with as disappointment often reinforces earlier failures for them.’ – Local College