This is a lovely story from a client we have worked with who has asked to be known as J.

‘I have just completed a six week course of Coaching with Emma Roache from Embrace.  Emma visited the refuge where I am currently living and talked about the service she could offer us, which was fully funded, so was free to us, and I agreed somewhat reluctantly to take part.  I say reluctantly because to be honest, I had no clue what Coaching entailed and was very sceptical about it!!

I had my first introduction session just a few weeks later and after talking to Emma, I knew then that I would enjoy this and find great benefit from it.

I then continued to have 6 more sessions of roughly an hour every 2 weeks.  This was carried out via telephone which was my choice.   During the 6 sessions, I had two major upheavals in my life, which affected me quite badly.  Emma helped me by giving me tools to help me deal with these.  I need to add here that this was not counselling at all.  Emma gave me prompts and ideas to help me move on, while at the same time empowering me to make decisions and changes in my life.

Before I began Coaching, my empowerment and self esteem were very low (to be honest I was even sure what empowerment meant!). At the end of the 6 sessions, I had a really good understanding and could see quite clearly how these aspects of my life had greatly improved alongside my confidence and well being.

I would highly recommend Emma to others, whatever their situation, as I now feel fully equipped to move on confidently with rest of my life.’

J – Domestic Abuse Survivor