Here is a little more information, whether you would like to engage with our services, you think we may be able to support some of your clients, or you want to get involved and support us as a part of your social corporate responsibility (CSR).

If you think we may be able to support you, if you are feeling marginalised and excluded from society, you have have found yourself living homeless or in temporary accommodation, you have been or are involved in crime,  you live with a disability, or you just want to know more click this link: Could Embrace PFC CIC support you.

If you think we may be able to support your clients, if you feel they could benefit from some additional support, for confidence, self-esteem, motivation, direction, accountability and goal setting, click this link; Multi-Agency Approach with Embrace PFC CIC

If you are looking to support a not for profit organisation just like us, making a real sustainable difference in your community as a part of your CSR, we would love to speak with you, this could be by supporting us with your expertise, becoming an ambassador for Embrace PFC CIC or by making a donation, click this link to find out more: Support Embrace PFC CIC.